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February 6, 2014

TFS-Git: My 60 second tutorial

by adamstephensen

I got asked for a 60 second intro to using TFS-Git.

1. Go to your personal TFS (e.g.


2. Create a new Team Project


Figure: Click on New under Recent projects  & teams

Figure: Enter the name of the Team Project (E.g. FireBootCamp)
Select Git as the version control system.
Select Create project


3. Clone your Repository locally

Figure: In Visual Studio, open Team Explorer and click Select Team Projects

Figure: Select the team foundation server to connect to, select the team project and then click Connect

Figure: Right click on the Repository and select Clone

Figure: Enter the path to the local repository and click the Clone button


4. Add your MVC project to the Repo

Figure: Create the MVC Project

Figure: Right click on the Solution file and click Commit

Figure: Enter a comment and click Commit and Sync

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